What is Vedic Astrology & How does it work?

Because we are created by nature and ruled by nature, natural forces impel and compel our thinking and action. In essence, the material body takes orders from the Cosmic Mind. Vedic Astrology and Vedic Science synchronize these events.

Is it a religion?

Absolutely not. Nor is it a philosophy. Vedic Science is a natural science.

How can it help me?

It educates you about your present, and prepares you for the future. You learn when and how to take advantage of the auspicious opportunities that come your way; and you learn how to minimize the impact of the less fortunate cycles.

What is E-Jyotish all about ?

Conceived in 1990, with the advent of the computerised horoscope software, e-jyotish today is fast-emerging the chosen destination for those seriously inclined towards accurate astrological calculations.

At e-jyotish, we will chart out your life plan. Navigate you through the hurdles life has in store. e-jyotish, run by professionals, provides you a general prediction of your future, based on Indian astrology. All the charts, lagans, panautis, sade satis combined with lucky stones, lucky numbers, your general future and with yearly predictions, conveniently printed in a book format will be delivered at your doorstep in three business days. Simply mail us your accurate birth details and we will try to solve all your astrology questions.

Why are my date, time and place of birth important?

At the date and time of birth, you absorbed certain degrees and properties of cosmic energy. This energy dynamically influences your life.

How can you prove that planets influence us?

Your body consists of 75% water just as the ocean is. The ocean is influenced by the moon, which causes high tides. If the moon can affect such a large body of water then we cannot ignore the moons along with other celestial bodies' power on us. If we get Vitamin D from the sun, we can't filter out the other elements that are also absorbed. If we throw a ball up in the air and then it falls back down, we call that force gravity. Yet, we cannot see it. The same truth applies when magnetic forces bombard our bodies' atoms and influence our thinking and actions.

If I use Vedic Astrology, people may call me superstitious, fatalistic, or weak. is this accurate?

Actually you are accepting the natural order; and using natural resources is a wise and beneficial action.

If I don't use Vedic knowledge, what will I lose?

If someone puts you in a very dark room and asks you to find the door, you may find it, but after considerable struggle. Vedic Astrology will work as a flashlight in your hand. The road of life is illuminated.

If it is so good, why doesn't everyone use it?

At the grocery store one will find organic bread and ordinary bread. Some will select the more natural product, and others the bread with unnecessary additives. It's a matter of choice. Some individuals choose to 'work smarter, not harder.

Why should I go to an astrologer and not a psychic?

Psychic readings can be influenced by a number of things, among them mood, and emotion. Vedic Astrology uses a natural science. It is accurate and predictive, without the risk of being influenced by the environment.

I believe in God. Not Astrology?

I believe more in God then most of you, but I take advantage of this God given knowledge. Why do we go to work? Why do we send our children to school? Why do we go to the doctor? And why do we not close our eyes and drive. Because God wants us to use our efforts and resources to succeed. He created astrology. The planets and human beings are part of His universe. We use water, air, food, and all the other resources. Astrology is the most important tool and element in guiding life.

I am educated and I don't believe in Astrology. If I don't see it, I don't believe it? I believe in free choice and free will?

An 'educated' person might approach this in different ways. One may lock onto a rather shallow set of theories, usually derived from someone else's; or one may realize that penetrating the essence of his or her nature and the universe's may provide a better foundation from which to act. Our practice of Vedic Astrology does not purport a fatalistic view of life; it encourages an informed one. It would be a misconception to limit the ancient doctrines as we apply them to contemporary life, to trite rhetoric, or use them to build a case that claims on e is caught in a inescapable pre-designed life condition.

  • We don’t believe that we are all trapped in unalterable, pre-destined, 'Karmic,' or other parameters, with no means or hope of bettering, enlightening or elevating our lives materially or spiritually. Trying to change our present life to better is also Part of our Karmic Obligation.
  • We encourage you to put true intelligence in motion, and discover how you can achieve a more harmonious life experience.
  • Whereas I look at things from the point of view that certain conditions clearly influence our lives, I also recognize that there are means of adjusting or compensating for challenging circumstances. I am certainly exercising my free will to use them.
Why is it important to match horoscopes for marriage?

Marriage is one of the most important aspects of life and it is with the help of astrology that we are able to check various issues like the chances of the relationship continuing without a break, harmony in life, whether one person is causing hurdles or pressure on the life of the other partner.

With these cleared the marriage can be performed with much more ease in the mind. Since we all know a bad relationship can put a person back by a few years so getting the horoscope matched is like buying insurance for a happy and peaceful life.

How do I place an order?

E-Jyotish is very simple to use and getting your Astro Report is as simple as ABC. You have to fill in your birth details & delivery address to get a 100% accurate horoscope.

There is an error in birth details of my order. Can I correct it?

You should immediately write a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your order no. We will ensure that the details are revised if only the horoscope is not printed and despatch at your given address.

Why has my order not been serviced for long/ what is the status of my order?

To know the status of your order no. and you will get to know the status of your horoscope.

I placed an order but it is not visible in my order history. What do I do?

This shows a definite technical glitch. You need to apprise us at the earliest, send a mail with details like date when you ordered with order no. if generated to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..