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Astrology is based on the study of relative positions of planets, constellations and stars which is in turn is used to determine a relationship between occurrence of events and their causes.

At E-Jyotish we bring you an opportunity to order the astro package with complete range of your charts and horoscopes that an Astrologer would use as tools to predict and time the events that are going to take place in your life. These tools are a must to improve ones life and enjoy the totality of one's existence.

We have 3 plans of astrology package which are delivered at your doorstep.

₹ 499
₹ 999
Email + Print
₹ 999
Kundli Match Making
Full Detailed Astrological Calculations
General Predictions based on Lagna Chart
10 Yearly Predictions
Numerology Report
Gemstones Report
Biorhythm Report
Soft Copy on CD Rom in PDF Format
PDF by Email
Printed Book Format by Courier in India