About Us

E-Jyotish was initially conceived by its founder P N Lakhani in the late 90s when horoscope software’s began entering the marketplace. The founder was one of the early pioneers to print and sell these computerized horoscopes. What always bothered him though was the quality of the prints on early dot matrix printers with loose pages that wouldn’t last very long and also the content that was derived from the horoscope software.

Mr.Lakhani then began a long and tiring journey of getting this product better in 2 ways. It took him 19 years to perfect the software by introducing new algorithms, computing standards and print formats by utilizing a method now known as Trial By Error and also began to work on the delivery of the content right from selecting a format to print, right paper which was durable and imported, packaging and delivery options.

Website, marketing, delivering and actual printing and packaging is still being undertaken by Mr.Lakhani and his staff and you will be able to see the passion and thoughtfulness that goes in each product when you receive it at your doorstep in a timely and efficient manner.

E-Jyotish horoscopes also double up as excellent and interesting gift. The parents of a new born baby would be delighted when you gift them a E-Jyotish Astro Package. Also you could get horoscope and predictions of your partner to read and to know him or her better as a person.